I fell in love with yoga about 17 years ago and have not looked back. Yoga has benefited  me in so many ways over the years of practicing, it helps me to calm down, to center myself in a state of peace, tranquility as well as strengthen and create suppleness in my physical body. At the beginning of 2012 I did my 200h at The Sharla. Cape Town, and in 2016 for my 500h teachers training at The Wellness Connection
Yoga isn’t about pretzel shapes it’s about recognizing and nourishing the light with in each and everyone. For me it is always important to start with a blank-canvas approach, which allows the students define what yoga means for them, I try always to meet students where they are and speak their . Yoga seeps into your bones, your heart, and your soul over time. Yoga can give you a whole new outlook on your self and the world around you.
I believe that yoga can truly help people find time to be in the present  and be positive about each and every moment of there day.